Thursday, November 4, 2010


Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you....Happy Birthday dear JOSH....Happy Birthday to YOU! (better me writing it than singing it)
I just wanted to wish my husband a very happy 25th birthday.  He is such an amazing person, husband, and father!  I am very lucky to have such a great man in my life.  I hope that today brings him all of the wonderful wishes he has!  ..... NOW...I have to go and find him a present!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Busy few weeks!

Happy Fall Yall!

Well October and November are big months in the Massey household!  October 17th is mine and Josh's anniversary.  October 24th is my birthday.  Then there is Halloween.  And November 4th is Josh's birthday! much in such a few weeks.

So Halloween has come and gone.  For the first time ever I did NOTHING on Halloween.  Josh's parents and sister were here for the weekend visiting.  It was rather short, but I know they were so glad they got to see Chloe.  It has been almost 3 months since they have seen her!  While they were visitng we went to the Nascar Hall of Fame and looked at Josh's Brickyard 400 car he built for Jamie McMurray.   I know that his parent's were very proud to see his work on display!  I know that I am proud of all he has accomplished. for was a bust.  It seems to me like this year no one did anything.  Very sad.  Does this mean that the traditional days of Trick or Treating has gone?  All I heard about kids doing were "Trunk or Treats" at local churchs and schools.   Perhaps this is the new norm?  We did not have one single little cutie stop off at our house!  Good thing I did not buy any candy! (I don't know what I would have done if they did come!,  I think I would have found some spare toothbrush laying around!)  Chloe however...did get to wear her sweet Costume to daycare.  She was MEOW-TIFUL!

So our next big event is Josh's birthday!  He is going to be the BIG 25 tomorrow!  I cannot believe that he is gonna be a quarter of a century old!  I think we are going to celebrate by going to his favorite restaurant for some sushi!  Who would have thought that I would turn a bean, corn, and potatoe kinda guy into a sushi lover!!  So happy early birthday to my wonderful husband Josh!  I love you.

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I found out today that my best friend Elizabeth got mugged last night!  This is one of those things that you think will never happen to you!  She was walking home last night around the River Market in Little Rock Arkansas and a homeless man grabbed her and pulled a knife telling her to give him everything that she has!  Luckly a guy happened to walk out of a bar at that time and saw what was happening, yelled scareing off the guy and called the police.  Liz was very shaken up but luckly she is safe and nothing was taken from her.  So just take a note that things like this can happen to you and you can never be too safe!  So ladies...go out and buy you a nice new can of pepper spray, I know that I am. 

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I cannot believe that November has so quickly approached us all!  It has brought about the beautiful fall weather, crisp cool air, and beautiful fall colored leaves.  I think that fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  It just brings about a comforting and warm feeling.  But best of all it means that the holidays are right around the corner. 
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Last but not least...I wanted to share some of Chloe's 6 month pictures that we had done.  They are fantastic.  Debby Flores and Jeremy Deal of LunahZon Photography are amazing photographers that did some fantastic work.  So two thumbs up for these two magnificent artist.  Chloe did so great and they captured some true memories of our litte peanut. 

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