Sunday, August 8, 2010

Friends are like glue....they stick with you no matter what.

I truely believe that I am one of the luckest peope alive because I have one of the greatest group of friends in the whole world.  They are the kind of friends that I can go without talking to for weeks, yet always manage to pick right up where we left off.  The 6 of us have been together for so long and been through alot together.  They truely are some of the most wonderful people in my life and I thank God for them everyday.  So here they are.

Allison King
Allison and I have been best friends since we were in diapers.  We used to live up the street from one another.  Our brothers became friends, so inevitably, so did we.  We have gone on many trips together all around the world.   We are so diffrent, yet so alike.  True believers that opposites attract!  Allison currently lives in Washington D.C. and is living it up! 

Kevan Beth Tucker
Kevan Beth and I have been friends since we were in diapers.  She also used to live in my neighborhood along with allison.  Kevan Beth and I have done many things together throughout our lives including church, gymnastics, cheerleading, and getting into some trouble!!  Kevan Beth, aka Ralphie, is always there for me and always lends an ear to listen.  She is currently living in Little Rock, Arkansas and is beginning Medical School tomorrow.  I am so proud of her!

Elizabeth Arnold
Elizabeth is also another diaper buddy.  Our families have been friends for a long time and so have we.  "Liz" is a very down to earth person and I admire her for it.  She always has kind words and always has my back no matter what.  Elizabeth is currently working for the Arkansas Lottery and lives in a cool little loft apartment in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas.  (maybe someday she will be writing me a check after I hit big!)

Mary Wood
Mary is a great friend.  She and I are alot alike and on occasion get mistaken for sisters.  Mary and I have done theater together since we were very little.  Mary has always been there for me and always makes me laugh with her stories.  She just graduated from Nuclear Medicine School and is on the prowl for a job.

Drew Ladd
Drew is such a great guy.  He is just "one of the girls."  Drew and I became friends during Community Theater when we were in junior high.  Drew is a great person and makes me laugh all of the time.  He always tells it like it is and I love him for it.  Drew is currently in school at Rosevelt in Chicago.  I am so proud of his accomplishments and hope his AMAZING voice takes him far. 

Well there you have it.  There are my best friend.  I have met so many other great people along my walk in life that I will never forget also, but these guys have been there with me through it all.  I miss many of my friends from college, my sorrority sisters, and all those people that walk in and out of your life.  I will neve forget them and think of them often.  Friends are such a great and important part of my life and I thank God everyday that I get to spend with those I currently have and for allowing me to meet new friends along the way. 

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