Saturday, August 14, 2010


SAY WHAT??  Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of Friday the 13th.  No, I do not suffer from this phobia, however it was quite a day for me. 

First off...I went to the doctor because I have completely lost my sense of smell!  I have noticed it in the last few weeks and really became concerned about it.  Of course googling it did not make matters any better!  It said I could have any of the following...
Skitsofrenia, severe head injury, brain tumor, or nasal polyps!  I mean...I guess it is never a good idea to google will always give you the worst case senario and bring out the hypochondriac in anyone.  Eveyone I work with decided it was definantly Skisofrenia!  SO like any concerned person, I called my Doctor. 
"Mrs. Massey what seems to be the problem?"
"I think I lost my sense of smell"  (pause on the other line)
"Okay, we can get you in at 2!"
How embarassing.  My docotor had a good little chuckle when I told her, but assured me that she did not think that there was anyway that I have a brain tumor nor was I Skitsofrenic. (though many would disagree.)  All it was was severe inflammation and nothing a round of steroids wouldn't cure.  GREAT!  Steroids, one more thing that is gonna make me fatter.  OH well...hopefully now I can smell again.

Also,  last night was the first of many to come. ..Chloe threw a huge fit while we were out to dinner.  I was so embarassed.  We had to get our food to go!  I didn't know, nor do I still know what happened?  It was like someone snuck up and pinched her, and WHAM....Chloe freaked out.  She never does this.  I mean it was one of those back arching, breath holding, break a swet kind of fits.  We were kind enough to go outside and ask for our food to go and let the rest of the restaurant eat in peace. 

The best part of my day however was receiving this great picture of my precious little peanut!

Photo by Debby Flores!  SHE is awsome.  Check her out at

All in all my Friday the 13th did not bring about any phobic feelings,  ghost, or freakish hauntings, just an average day in our circus of a life!

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